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Our Story

Why we fly

Jennifer Wang comes from NYC where she first fell in love with aerials.  Aerial arts was life changing for her and she really wanted to share her passion with the world. Jennifer was training at the top aerial studio in NYC, Body and Pole, as well as training with the amazing Laura Haley, owner of Aerial Haven in NYC, before moving to Washington State.  Her passion soon translated to teaching, receiving her certification in Lyra through CirqFit and Aerial Yoga Hammock certification at Om Factory in NYC. Jennifer's approach to aerials is using her Biology degree and physics to focus on proper muscle building, engagement,form, and body movement.  Jennifer moved to WA from NYC at the end of 2020 hoping to continue spreading her love for aerial arts with the opening of her studio, Akasha Aerial Arts, in Washington state. She hopes to bring out the same passion for aerial arts in all her students. Her all inclusive attitude has landed her studio on the list for body positive gyms in the area.  Her school has also been referred by doctors for after post surgery strengthening and recovery in a fun, and safe environment. Jennifer truly believes and consistently showcases that aerial arts is for every one, every shape, and every body. 

  Join us at Akasha Aerial Arts to take advantage of our aerial instructions, welcoming community, and fully-equipped studio. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced aerialist looking for a space to "hang", you can find it all at Akasha. Reach out today to learn more!

Come join us for a training!

***Children younger than 9 years old with gymnastics/dance background may be able train by instructor approval only.  Please email us to set up a date and time for assessment

Our Staff

Meet the people who make us who we are!


Jenni W

Aerialist/Aerialympics Judge/Owner


Taylor O.

Hula Hoop Instructor

Taylor Olivier comes from Lafayette, Louisiana and started her hoop journey December of 2018. Before she began her hoop discovery she had always admired hoop dancers at festivals and Instagram videos. Taylor believes that hooping has brought a lot of happiness and freeing moments in her life and would love to share her skills with others.


Akasha in the Community

Jennifer has always been involved within her communities, she hopes to bring the same philanthropic benevolence to Washington State! Akasha has partnered with the YWCA and are now accepting donations. Akasha also has a scholarship program for the underprivileged.  Click below to learn more!

Performance and Competition Team

Find us in local festivals, events, and competitions! Hire professional, licensed and insured, aerialists if you're looking for that extra wow factor!


Local Events and Festivals

Come and see the team at local happenings!

Athletic Pole Dancer

Thank You to our amazing Sponsors!

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