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Community Service
Akasha Gives Back

At Akasha we believe in giving back, and what better place than within our community? There is a GoFundMe page setup for our studio so anyone who feels compelled may be able to donate.  Donations will go towards the community and our own Akasha Aerial scholarship fund for the underprivileged.

Bring in a non-perishable or canned food and receive $2 off anything! (Packages, trainings, grip aid, water, etc.) Donations going to local shelters.

We have also partnered with YWCA and are currently accepting donations of back to school supplies at the studio. 

Community Service

75% of donations will go towards community services such as food banks, non profit organizations, shelter's, and Christmas.

Akasha Aerial Scholarship

25% of donations received will be designated towards an Aerial Scholarship at akasha for the underprivileged.

Scholarship applicantions will be announced once a yearly unlimited package has been fully funded.

Internship Program

We are currently closed for internships applicants while we work out the kinks with our first two interns!! Stayed tuned for updates!

Donate here!

Here is the link for our GoFundMe page!


We have also partnered with YWCA and are currently accepting donations of back to school supplies at the studio. Bring some back to school supplies to receive $2 off anything!

How Akasha Helps
The Community

Donations and Food Drives

Christmas 2021

Food Drive!

We have 8 bags of meals and non perishables available for 8 families, Please contact us at to schedule pickup.


Thank You!

Christmas 2021

Thank you to our amazing student for orchestrating and collecting food donations to help Akasha serve the community!

Help us by donating today!

Get Up & Move

Contact us if you would like to help donate to our community!


Christmas 2021

Christmas Trees for the Community!

We've received some generous donations of Christmas trees and would love to Give back to our Community.

Akasha would like to donate 6(six) trees to families in need.  No judgement, no questions asked, we just ask that it goes to a family in need. 

Email us at to schedule pickup!

More Trees Available!

We have 3 more trees available!!

Contact us to schedule pickup!


Trees are gone!

All trees have been donated

Thank you for another successful community donation! We are so happy we could help those in need especially around the holidays!

Thanksgiving 2021

Let’s Do It

Akasha May be new in the area but we love being hands on in helping out community.  

Akasha Aerial Arts would like to donate a full Thanksgiving dinner and frozen turkey to families in need! We have two more boxes available for pickup! No judgment, no questions asked.  We just ask for it to go to a family in need.

Contact us at to schedule a pickup time.


Thanksgiving 2021

Another two Thanksgiving meals and turkeys have been generously donated to Akasha for the community!

A generous donor that had heard of our good deed found it in their hearts to donate two more turkey and full meals for two more families!

Contact us at:

to schedule pick up!

Thank you!

All four boxes have been donated!

All four boxes and turkeys have been donated to families in our community! Thank you so much everyone and I am so happy we could help a few families this Thanksgiving! Please continue to donate so we can do this again for Christmas! Now accepting toys, jackets, and non perishable food items at Akasha Aerial Arts.

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