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Akasha's Performance and Competition Team

Hire professional, licensed, and insured performers/aerialists

Looking for that WOW! factor for your event, party, weddings, or anything in between? Look no further! Hire us and you will be the event of the year! Send email us for more information! 

Who We Are

We are a Performance and competition team available for hire! We are located in Pierce County in the state of Washington performing locally and beyond!

Our competition team traveled to Salt Lake City in February 2022 to compete in Aerialympics, a national competition. We proudly placed First, Second, and Third in varying categories.


Our Team

Performers and Competitors for Akasha Aerial Arts



Owner/Instructor/Aerialist/Performer/Flow Artist/Fire Artist

                 Aerialympics Judge 2022-Present

Jennifer Wang was born and raised in NYC where she found and fell in love with aerials.  Aerial arts has been life changing and she really wanted to share her passion with the world! Jennifer was training at the top aerial studio in NYC, Body and Pole, as well as training with the amazing Laura Haley, owner of Aerial Haven in NYC, before moving to Washington.  Her passion soon translated to teaching, receiving her certification in Lyra through CirqFit and Aerial Yoga Hammock certification at Om Factory in NYC. Jennifer moved to WA from NYC at the end of 2020 hoping to continue spreading her love for aerial arts with the opening of Akasha Aerial Arts. She hopes to bring out the same passion for aerial arts in all her students.

Aerialympics Judge 2022


Apparatus: Silks, Lyra, Pole, Flying pole hammock

Flow Prop: Fans


Instructor/Aerialist/Performer/Competitor/Flow Artist/Fire Artist

Taylor Olivier comes from Lafayette, Louisiana and started her hoop journey December of 2018. Before she began her hoop discovery she had always admired hoop dancers at festivals and Instagram videos. Taylor believes that hooping has brought a lot of happiness and freeing moments in her life and would love to share her skills with others.

Apparatus: Silks, Pole, FLying Pole, Hammock, Lyra

Flow Prop: Hula Hoop,

Hula Hoop Aerialist



Melanie fell in love with aerials at the start of 2021 in Honolulu, HI once COVID restrictions allowed for in person pole classes again.  While dance was always a passion even through college, she paused her dance journey for eight years while serving in the US Army.  Now that she has returned to dance, she is helping others realize their potential and passion for it as well.  She believes in fitness through dance and when it comes to workouts, the more fun the better.

Apparatus: Pole, Flying Pole, SIlks, Hammock, Lyra

Pole Sport Organization Free Dance Level 3 - 1st Place


Aerialist/Performer/Competitor/Flow Artist/Fire Artist/Burlesque

Amber, currently a master's student of physics at John Hopkins University, began her aerial journey at Akasha in December 2021.  It was here she was hoping to unleash her creative side through fitness and performance arts.

Amber's dedication and discipline helped her earn a 2nd place title in Novice Silks at the 2022 Aerialympics, just 6 weeks into her journey!  As a physicist, she hopes to use the principals of physics to guide her movements into illusionary masterpieces.

Apparatus: Silks, Lyra, Pole, Flying Pole, Hammock, Hula Hoop

Flow Prop: Hula Hoop

Aerialympics 2022 National Competition -- Novice silks adults - 2nd Place

Aerial Star Organization International competition - Silks Adult Level 2 - 3rd Place

Aerial lyra aerialist
aerial silks aerialist



Born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii -- Easter-Lily Smith began her journey in silks, lyra, trapeze, hammock, and hula-hoops in 2009.  Upon being crowned with eight consecutive state and national pageant titles, she took a break from aerial arts to focus on her community service efforts and platform geared towards promoting literacy in the community via Read Aloud America, and addressing mental health awareness through the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Awareness.  

Starting a new chapter in Washington, Easter-Lily found her new home gym with Akasha Aerial Arts in the summer of 2021.  WIth her background in stage production and performance, burlesque, hula, and aerials, she is ecstatic to be a part of the performance team.

Apparatus: Silks, Lyra, Hammock, Pole


Aerialist/Performer/Competitor/Fire Artist

Miranda is originally from Pennsylvania, but began her adventure with pole and silks while in South Carolina. After Moving to Washington in 2020, she searched locally for another studio where she found Akasha and began unearthing her creative side while building her strength at the studio.

Apparatus: Pole, Flying pole, Lyra

Aerialympics 20220 Regionals Wisconsin - Individual Novice Lyra 18+ - 1st Place

Aerial Star Organization International Competition - Adult Lyra level 1 - 1st Place

PSO Senior Championship Level 2 - 3rd Place

pole dance performer


Aerialist/Performer/Competitor/Flow Artist/Fire Artist


Apparatus: Pole, Flying Pole, Silks

Flow Prop: Fans

Aerialympics 2022 National Championships - Pole Art Intermediate Adult - 3rd Place

Aerialympics 2022 Regionals - San Antonio- Pole Art Intermediate Adult - 1st Place

Aerial Star Organization International Competition - Adult Silks Level 1 - 2nd Place


Instructor/Aerialist/Performer/Flow Artist

Apparatus: Silks, Lyra, Hammock

Flow Prop: Poi

Reiki Yoga Aerial


Flow Artist

Jack grew up in San Antonio, Texas and has been training with nunchucks for 6 years.  He's an Army veteran and has a passion for science, teaching, and performing.  He likes to spend his time running trails, watching history documentaries and attending live stand up comedy shows.

Flow Prop: NunChucks

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