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Code of Conduct


1) Safety

2) Have fun

3) Please be respectful and kind to our studio, trainers, employees, and other students.

Akasha is a place of inclusion, fun, and empowerment.

Dancer in Sunset

Studio Rules

Due to Covid-19 there will be some small changes

1) Please check-in 5 minutes before class start time only

2) Everyone must wash hands in bathroom before entering studio

3) Do take your shoes off before entering the studio


4) Be respectful of students and instructors time and do not arrive late for class

5) If this is your first time, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out forms

6) Training packages and memberships are per person only and non transferable (i.e. you cannot book a children's trainings and adult trainings with the same package/membership)

Dress Code

  •  Aerial dress code: Tights or Yoga pants, make sure it is tight fitting and not loose, fully cover legs.  T-shirt that is also NOT loose fitting and fully cover armpits. Bring sweatshirt just incase to cover elbows and arms.

  •  Pole dress code: Sports bra, booty shorts, kneepads, socks 

  • ABSOLUTELY NO CLOTHING WITH: Zippers. metal, sequins, rhinestones, glitter

  •  NO JEWELRY, NO PERMANANT JEWELRY allowed on poles or apparatuses.

Covid-19 Rules

Do not train if you currently have or have tested positive for Covid-19 within the last two weeks

Do not train if you have had a fever within the last 72 hours (3 days)

Do not train if you've been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 within the last two weeks

Do not train if you've been traveling and have not had a negative Covid-19 

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In times of Covid-19

What we are doing to keep you safe!

1) Personal Sanitizing stations

2) Hand sanitizing stations in every entry/exit

3) Sanitizing hands in-between uses for silks training

4) Air purifiers placed throughout our studio

5) Opening bay doors provide ventilation of studio

6) Daily cleaning per the CDC

7) Wiping down mats and apparatus with alcohol after each use

8) Silks are laundered and/or aired out for 72 hours between each training

9) Lyras will now be unwrapped

10) Individual areas spacing each student at least 6 ft apart

11) Yoga mats for rent $1 (no more sharing) You may bring your own Yoga mat, blocks, and straps.

12) Knee Pads for rent $1 (no more sharing)

13) Rosin for sale $1 (no more sharing)

14) Only arrive 5 minutes before class time

15) Exit through bay doors to limit contact

16) Individual Silks/Lyra/Hammock available for sale or rent. (Email or ask front desk for details)

17) No parents/guardians during training, there will be time for recording your children the last 5 minutes of class.

*****Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, silks and hammock trainings will be limited as will class size.  Although there is not much research on how long the virus will stay, transfer, or contaminate through fabric there are still a lot of unknowns with this virus.  We, here at Akasha, take every individual's health and well being seriously.  We want to create a safe and healthy aerial community. We do take the extra steps to clean high touch surfaces and following CDC safety protocols and guidelines

Connect with us today to start your aerial training!

19323 Mountain HWY E Unit #104 Spanaway Washington 98387

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