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Competition Team

For students who want a little more challenge, the live performances and competition training opportunities are for students that want to progress their training into competition or performances. In competition companies, students are working towards a common goal. Attendance is also more important and, at times, mandatory. Since everyone is present in class nearly every week, there is faster progress. We believe that belonging to a team is very
important, so we try to do lots of team bonding inside and outside the studio.


Company students are the only aerialists who have the opportunity to perform in our annual showcases where they get to be leads. As well as, being leads in our outdoor and local performances! Performing and competing on an aerial team is a great way to take one's aerial training to the next level!  


Besides getting more onstage experience it also helps to grow confidence & overall important life skills, like learning how to work with others, discipline, time management, accountability and perseverance are learned as well. 

The team performs at regional and national level competitions such as Aerialympics, Aerial Stars, PSO, VivaFest, as well as local events and showcases.

Akasha team has a record for winning many first place medals for varying apparatuses and competitions since 2021. 

Please contact us for more information about joining the competition team.

Team Packages and Rates

Competition team rates are in addition to regular class packages.

Team members must:

-Train 2-3 times per week

-Attend 75% of weekly team meetings.  Team meeting will be held twice a week, members must attend one or the other or both.

-Must hold an active class package

-Must pay one time registration and materials fee of $175 for uniform and bag.

Basketball Medals
Winning Team


Drop In rates available for those not wanting to purchase a competition package or adhere to training schedule but would still like to train with the team and compete

$35/hr or $175/month

Award Winner

Bronze Fireflies (monthly package)

  • 20% discount on team meetings

  • 10% off Regular Class Packages

  • 10% off Open Gyms

  • 10% off Private lessons

Call for Pricing

Collection of Trophies
Crossing the Finish Line

Silver Juniors (3 months)

  • 40% discount on team meetings

  • 15% off Regular Class Packages

  • 15% off Open Gyms

  • 2 Private lessons included ($300 Value)

  • 15% off each additional Private lessons

Call for Pricing

Basketball Medals

Gold Varsity (6 Months)

  • 60% discount on team meetings

  • 20% off Regular Class Packages

  • 20% off Open Gyms

  • 4 private lessons included ($600 value)

  • 20% off each additional Private lessons

Call for Pricing

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