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Signs You're Prepared for Aerial Arts Competition

By: Jennifer Wang

Competing in aerial arts is a thrilling endeavor that showcases not only your physical prowess but also your artistic expression. As the anticipation builds and the desire to showcase your skills intensifies, it's essential to assess whether you're truly ready for the challenge of an aerial arts competition. In this article, we explore key signs that indicate you're prepared to take flight and shine on the competition stage.

Check with Your Coach

Your aerial coach is always a good person to ask when deciding on competition. Only your aerial coach understands your level of training and limitations per competitor level.

Mastery of Fundamental Techniques:

Competing in aerial arts requires a solid foundation of fundamental techniques. Ensure that you have mastered the basic climbs, locks, and transitions specific to your chosen apparatus, whether it be silks, trapeze, or hoop. The ability to execute these moves with precision and control is a strong indicator of readiness for the demands of a competition routine.

Consistent and Confident Performance:

Feeling consistently confident in your performance during practice sessions is a positive sign of competition readiness. If you can execute your routine smoothly and confidently without frequent errors, hesitation, or loss of form, it suggests that you've developed the muscle memory and mental focus necessary for a successful competition.

Artistic Flourish in Your Choreography:

Aerial arts competitions not only assess technical proficiency but also place a significant emphasis on artistic expression. If you've infused your routine with a unique artistic flair, whether through emotive storytelling, creative shapes, or innovative transitions, you're demonstrating an understanding of the holistic nature of aerial arts performance.

Endurance and Stamina:

Competing in aerial arts involves sustained physical exertion. Ensure that you have built the endurance and stamina required to perform your routine seamlessly from start to finish. This includes managing energy levels for dynamic moves, ensuring controlled descents, and maintaining poise throughout the entire performance.

Adaptability to Different Spaces:

Competitions often take place in diverse venues with varying rigging and stage configurations. If you've had the opportunity to practice in different spaces and adapt your routine to different environments, you're better prepared for the unpredictable aspects of a competition setting. Familiarity with adjusting to new spaces demonstrates a level of flexibility and professionalism.

Receptive to Constructive Feedback:

A crucial aspect of preparing for a competition is being open to feedback and constructive criticism. If you actively seek input from coaches, peers, or mentors and use it to refine your routine, you're demonstrating a growth mindset essential for the continuous improvement required in the competitive realm.

Mental Resilience and Confidence:

Competing can be mentally challenging, and a resilient mindset is key. If you possess the mental resilience to overcome nerves, adapt to unexpected circumstances, and maintain confidence in your abilities, you're better equipped to handle the pressures of a live performance. Embarking on the journey of an aerial arts competition is a significant step that requires a combination of technical mastery, artistic expression, physical endurance, and mental resilience. Assessing your readiness by considering these signs will help ensure that you not only participate but truly shine on the competition stage. So, if you find yourself nodding in agreement with these indicators, check with your aerial coach at Akasha. It might be time to spread your wings and take on the exhilarating challenge of aerial arts competition.

At Akasha we compete nationally and internationally in competitions such as Aerialympics, Aerial Star, PSO and so many more! Reach out today if you're looking for a team to join or to get started on your own aerial journey!

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